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Gas heater 5,2 kW


Gas heater 5,2 kW
  • Usage of the gos heaters in residential buildings which are not equipped with central heating is an economical and safe form of energy utilization. When the required temperature in the heated room is reached, the output of the burners is automatically decreased, thereby achieving fuel savings.
  • The gas heaters are economical, comfortable to control, with an ideol room temperature regulalton and a silent operation.
  • Combined gas fittings from o renowned European producer and the burner of fhe heater mode from high grade stainless sleel, as well as the usage of high-quality materials for the remaining parts of the heater, guarantee high reliability and durability.
  • Cosy wormth brings about feelings of personal satisfaction and creates comfort, which are not only expected in the work place, but also at home, chalet or week-end cottage
  • The design and surface finish of the shell in various colour modifications fulfil the requirements for placement in residential buildings.
    Technical charakteristics :
  • combustion chamber made from steel sheets protecitd by enamel
  • Eurosit 630 built-in gas fittings with a gas pressure regulator,
  • thermoelectric fuse, and piezo-ignition
  • air for the burning process is drown in from the external environment
  • outlet of waste gases through an external wall with the thickness up to 60 cm
  • simple assembly oaso on higher floors, installation of the anticorrosive flue from the inside
  • simple to operate
  • the possibility o fusing for an opearting natural gas or propane-butane
  • operation of the radiator without requiring electric power
  • smoothly adjustable room temperature from 8 to 33 °C
    Advantages of the gas heaters :
  • Closed combustion chamber
  • Design
  • Quality surface form of the cover
  • Easy installation of the koaxial chimney
  • Thermostatic temperature regulation

    • Модель: 5,2kw
    • Вес товара (для расчета доставки) : 30кг






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