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Battery fire 7


  • Maximum volume of the heated space 150 m3
  • Maximum capacity 10 kW
  • Width 370 mm
  • Depth 680 mm
  • Height 760 mm
  • Weight 52 kg
  • Size of furnace door (WxH) 150x300 mm
  • Furnace volume 47 l
  • Maximum log length 42 cm
  • Smoke stack diameter 120 mm
  • Minimum smoke stack height 5 m

  • Stylish design allows installing the stove in any modern beautiful interior and even making it the composition center of the room in which it is installed
  • Modern heat engineering specifications make the stove a maximally efficient heating unit in its class
  • The largest fuel chamber in its class allows loading maximum amount of wood into the stove in order to ensure continuous combustion. The more wood is loaded into the stove, the longer it burns
  • High vertically oriented door of the fuel chamber allows comfortable loading of wood right to the stove top
  • Air-tight cinder chamber with a lock prevents uncontrolled suction of air onto the grate, however removing cinder remains simple and convenient
  • Cast-iron cook top with two rings allows cooking on open fire in pans of various size, loading fuel from the top, and removing cinder from the upper part of the stove
  • Replacement protection screen of the fuel chamber prevents the bottom of the stove's fuel chamber from burning through in the place where hot embers are collected. If necessary the owner of the stove can easily replace the cover with a new one
  • Specially designed geometry of the fuel chamber prevents accumulation of incompletely burned embers. All fuel gradually ends up on the grate due to force of gravity
  • Baffle position lock reliably fixes it in a required position
  • Stainless-steel heat exchanger tank (when included) allows heating water for home use
  • Fine combustion control allows choosing any desired mode from intensive combustion to complete cease of fir

    • Model: battery-fire7
    • Shipping Weight: 120kg
    • Manufactured by: Termofor




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