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Tulisijan ohjauspaketti - ST392


Fireplace electrostatic filter for smoke gas
The electrostatic precipitator makes it possible to remove dust from flue gas. For this purpose, it uses the electrostatic force operating on these particles of dust. As a result of high voltage, particles of dust receive an electric charge. Due to this, with the use of electrophoresis, the dust is deposited on the electrode with the opposite charge
  • The electrostatic precipitator's operation is based on the precipitation of dust from the stream of flue gas and its deposition on the surface of cumulative electrodes under the effect of the electrostatic force.
    The electrostatic precipitator contains: a corona electrode, a fastening bar with a ceramic insulator, a cover made from acid-resistant steel, as well as a power supply unit with a high voltage generator.
    The corona electrode generating corona discharges is made from steel wire with sharpened tips. The electrode was placed in a central position in the flue gas duct by means of the fastening bar. The system of insulated electrodes is fed with high voltage by means of a high voltage generator. The discharge electrode consists of the earthed walls of the chimney duct (made from acid-resistant steel). The dust, which is precipitated from flue gas, is deposited on the walls. The device has a number of electronic protections that guarantee its correct operation and automatically switch it off if the boiler does not operate.
    The electrostatic precipitator is also characterized by a simple installation process and ease of operation.
    The controller has the following operation modes:
    1. Not Initiated.
    2. Stand-By.
    3. Operation.
    4. Alarm Operation.
    5. Alarm


  • CLeaner after filter
  • Ash remove box

    • Modell: st360
    • Fraktvikt: 7kg




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