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Solar power + Wooden boiler

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A hybrid heating system for Solar power + wooden boiler

Top New 2016

  • 1. Solar power plant 2 to 6 kW
  • 2. The intelligent control unit controls all unused solar electrical energy directly for heating water over the inverter by direct acting DC solar power systems DC special heating element.
  • 3. 10-40 kW water fireplace by your choice: wooden boiler, water fireplace, wooden stove, pellet stove.
  • 4. Multi-function boiler that stores solar energy as well as the wooden boiler power into water. 500 - 2500l. The same boiler to produce hot water and central heating water throughout the year.
  • This package is the right choice when you want to get both electricity and heat from the sun.
  • You will use all the solar energy from 100% for their own use without loss.
  • A hybrid heating system for photovoltaic + wooden boiler suitable for new and renovation of the house.
  • Works and always 100% domestic fuel.
  • Start your own project by notifying your need for power and the furnace type.

    Special price for reference!

    • Модель: supersolar1
    • Вес товара (для расчета доставки) : 1500кг
    • Производитель: Annerman Oy

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