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Deco woods - koristeklapit mix


Deco woods - koristeklapit mix
  • 25 x 6 cm - 5 kpl

    Bio-Blaze® offers you a high quality, heat resistant (up to 1000°C/ 1832°F), ceramic decorative wood to make your fireplace complete. These logs are handcrafted and have a realistic wooden log appeal and are suitable to all bio-ethanol fireplaces. Like all other decorative accessories, the logs are to be placed around the flames for a better and more optimal view. Be sure they do not block the adjusting or shutting off of the flame.

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    • Malli: woods mix
    • Rahdituspaino: 3kg
    • Valmistaja/valmistuttaja: Bio-Blaze -(NL) Nederlands

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